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Preoday’s mobile and online ordering technology is relied upon by leading food and drink businesses across the UK, Europe and the USA. At its heart is a platform that lets consumers book, order online and pay for their food, drink and merchandise, for collection or delivery.

There is a revolution happening in the food and retail industries as technology becomes entwined with the lives of consumers. Preoday are leading the revolution on behalf of businesses, advising and supporting them as they adopt the technologies that will make a difference to customers and their bottom line.

Preoday are a technology company first and foremost and our team is made up of B2B technology specialists. Preoday are used to working with clients and partners of all sizes for the long term, not just the immediate future. Preoday are as comfortable working with multinationals with complex procurement procedures, as with individual takeaways. Southern Barcode on behalf of Preoday look forward to working with you.

Restaurant Point of Sale
Easy to Use. Powerful for Business
Get the most innovative point of sale system on the market. A true cloud-based enterprise POS System, fully integrated with enterprise reporting, inventory, customer data, central kitchen, and more.
Designed for all types of restaurants
Full Service Ideal For Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, and Nightclubs

Quick Service

Perfect For: Cafes, Food Trucks, Bakeries, and Fast Casual


Ideal For: Multi-stores and Enterprise Restaurants


Perfect For: Single or Multi-location Pizza Restaurants.

Real Time inventory matching of guests to restaurant tables, bowling lanes, seats in a poker game and more! The Second Guest platform manages your peak time walk-in customers, using their mobile/cell phone as a “pager” whilst maintaining a virtual queue in our wait-list software. There’s no app for the guest to download and no clunky plastic pagers.


But there are no suitable tables available


Capture their: Name, Number and Covers in Second Guest


Guest chooses how and where to wait, but why not give them a nudge by sending a suggestion


Advise of pull forward, or push back of the quoted wait time. Incentivise them to keep waiting.


Just one click or touch to make a 2-way interactive Robo-Call, and/or send an SMS text advising the table is readyadvising


ACCEPT: Good News! They're on their way right now and will be here shortly.
DELAY: Bad News! They're on their way but they're running late, you define how late is acceptable.
DECLINE: Great News! You know immediately that they're not coming and you won't be holding an empty table as you can page the next in line without any delay.

Want the best news? 

Your decline isn’t anonymous and you can now; send them an offer to try and incentivise them to “come back now”, or send them a time limited “come back soon” offer. It’s your choice, you don’t even have to send them anything right now if you prefer not to.

Whether you operate a restaurant, casino, bowling center, hotel, or leisure facility – we can transform your queue handling, boost average order values and give your customers a great experience.


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