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Customer Focused Point of Purchase Signage


Symeyo™ is the highly versatile Product Display Label (PDL) system that allows the user to design, print & display product information on customer focused point of purchase signage. 

Saves Time & Money

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness: print your Product Display Labels on demand, directly at your point of sale and benefit from up-to date labeling in real time.
  • Independence: free yourself from delivery lead times and minimum order quantities set by traditional printing methods.
  • Reduce cost: Symeyo™ PDLs and multi patent system offer a substantial cost saving compared to any other comparable method or system available anywhere today.

Visibility, Hygiene & Safety Guaranteed

  • Flexible size options: select your size from our stock range of PDLs, or custom build your own to suit your display requirement and maximise visibility.
  • Hygiene and durability: Symeyo™ Product Display Labels (PDLs) are very easy to clean, resistant to moisture, freezing and even high temperature.
  • Food-contact compatibility: Symeyo™ PDLs and ribbons are suitable for labelling fresh products and meet the requirements of the food processing industry.

Strengthen Your Brand

  • Unique labels: you can personalise our standard range of Symeyo™ PDLs by selecting the size that suits your display, adding your logo and using any font of your choice. Alternatively, you can build your own custom stock of any size or design to stand out from your competitors.
  • Professional appearance in your displays: unify the look and feel of your brand across all categories and focus your customers attention with informative and appealing Product Display Labels.

Aids Compliance

Display your product information complete with, allergen, nutritional and other regulatory information such as:

  • Price and unit of measurement
  • The origin and trackability of meats
  • The scientific name, production method, fishing area and sub-area, and fishing gear used
  • Barcoding
  • Ingredients, etc.

Customer Facing

Clear and complete consumer information covering:

  • Food safety: origin and composition
  • Compatibility with their type of diet: allergies, particular diets, customs, traditions, or religious practices
  • Responsible consumption: organic and/or locally produced product.
  • Focus on your promotions and new products: identify new products and special offers by adding notes directly on your price tags. Transform your labels into real sales tools by displaying all the useful information to your staff on the reverse side.

Staff Facing

Transform your labels into real sales tools by displaying all the useful information to your staff on the reverse side such as:

  • Cross sell or up sell reminders
  • Portion control information Recipe suggestions
  • PLUs
  • Symeyo™ - The Complete Solution Symeyo™ offers all you need to create eye-catching Product Display Labels in an easy, cost-effective and efficient way.

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