Southern Barcode LLC

Introducing a New Way of Printing

Southern Barcode is the US Distributor for CloudBox, PrintPad and PrintBox 


CloudBox manufactures Label, Ticketing and Receipt, solutions used by major retailers like the Body Shop, Nike Stores and Superdry worldwide that are up to half the cost and generally faster than traditional printers. Since 2006 the principals have provided hardware and software solutions for a wide range of labelling, receipt and ticketing projects for retail and hospitality for SMB to enterprise. CloudBox goes beyond traditional receipt, ticketing and labelling solutions. It can provide a total solution, or can work with most legacy printers already in place.

  • Faster ticket output
  • Easy Point of Sale integration
  • Greater employee productivity
  • More accurate orders
  • Label customization
  • Labelling cost reduction
  • Human error elimination
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Intelligent standalone, networked or cloud-based desktop printer solution scaling to multiple devices, and/or multiple locations.
  • Works with virtually any printer – direct or networked.
  • Connectivity options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.
  • SQL database management for high content and complex labeling which can pulling data from multiple files. For example, food labeling can include food allergens, ingredients, nutritional value, sell by date, and standard barcode pricing – all which can be in different file structures.
  • 4 USB ports for printer, scanner, scale or keyboard connection

Standard Ports: Ethernet, (4) USB 2.0, PS/2
Keys: 17
SQL Database Support: Optional 
Housing: Desktop
USB Ports: 4
Printer Compatibility:  ZPL or ESC/POS
Programming Templates: Network or USB stick updates for templates. PC or hard coded. 

  • Desktop and Mobile printing can be accessed from the same PrintBox by using ANY device with a web browser: PC, RFiD terminal, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • A Wi-Fi or network infrastructure is not necessary as PrintBox can generate its own connectivity. For maximum connectivity flexibility the PrintBox also supports Bluetooth.
  • SQL database implementation and management as standard
  • Now Available, Android Terminal on-device implementation for mobile, desktop, hospitality and retail label printing.

Standard Ports: Ethernet (4) USB 2.0
Keys: Not Required
SQL Database Support:  Standard 
Housing: Network Connected Box
USB Ports: 4
Printer Compatibility: ZPL or ESC/PO
Programming Templates: Network or USB stick updates for templates. PC application or hard coded. 


Serial connection to only Zebra ZBI enabled printers.

  • PS/2 pass-through port for connecting barcode readers
  • Simple firmware command set versus PrintBox 970’s operating system and application.

Standard Ports: Serial PS/2
Keys: 17
SQL Database Support: No
Housing: Desktop
USB 2.0 Ports: 0
Printer Compatibility:  Zebra w/Zebra Basic (ZBL)
Programming Templates: Zebra Label Designer or Hard Coded



Recognizing the need to create custom label formats without having to write application software, PRiNTWORX (Lite) is an easy to use embedded label design application on the PrintBox 970 and PrintPad 9000. For mobile capability in a standalone environment, PRiNTWORX can also run on an Android terminals using a Bluetooth mobile printer.


Pieology (Hospitality)


Pieology, with over 150 locations, creates quality, custom pizza. PrintPad 970 was integrated with the POS to coordinate POS receipt to pizza ID tag number to improve speed of table delivery and order accuracy.

Hancock's of Paducah (Retail)


Hancock’s, is the largest fabric retailer in the world. PrintPad 970 was used to turn the handwritten receipt into a bill of materials to facilitate faster order processing, increased staff productivity and greater customer face time.


The Body Shop Outlets Europe & US, Nike Stores Europe, Pieology, Superdry worldwide, Mothercare, L’Occitane, The Range, Hancock’s of Paducah.


Price tags, Product tags, food labels, shelf labeling, product marking, Point of sale receipts, coupons, amusement park/theater ticketing, wristbands, event admission, access control, dining-order fulfillment, receipt/coupons, gaming, parking lot ticketing and mark down labels.