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Electronic Shelf Edge (SFD)

The world’s most advanced digital shelf edge platform

SFD Systems has developed the world’s most advanced digital shelf edge solution and it is now available from Southern Barcode. The platform uses high-resolution video-capable LCD screens and enables retailers and brands to play adverts at the shelf edge as well as remotely update prices and information. Its core benefits include operational efficiencies and improved pricing accuracy, but most importantly it helps create in-store theatre: Retailers and brands can now capture customers’ attention and engage with them at the shelf edge to drive up sales.

Drive Sales Using Electronic Shelf Edge

Drive sales at shelf edge

SFD Systems video shelf edge labels give retailers and brands a unique opportunity to advertise to customers at the point of decision. For the first time digital promotions can be deployed which engage, inform and convert shoppers. Retail marketing campaigns can be planned and delivered in an instant. The result– incremental revenues across products, categories and stores.

Streamline Shelf Edge Operations

Streamline operations

Retailers and brands waste millions every year deploying and managing paper price tickets and promotions. The process of printing, shipping, sorting and deploying paper tickets in store presents major challenges frequently resulting in pricing errors and poorly deployed brand marketing campaigns. SFD Systems digital shelf edge platform automates pricing and promotional updates and delivers targeted retail marketing campaigns in an instant. Store staff are now free to do what they do best – looking after customers.

Improved Accuracy With Digital Shelf Edge

Improve Accuracy

This electronic shelf edge labeling system removes the challenges of auditing paper labels and marketing campaigns by automatically checking and verifying that the pricing and promotional material on display matches the retailers’ central database and the products displayed on the shelf. A major benefit of this is that for the first-time retailers have access to live in-store planograms.

The Digital Shelf-Edge

Video electronic shelf edge labels are just the visible front of SFD Systems digital platform. The easy to integrate technology allows retailers to automate pricing updates, instantly deploy retail marketing campaigns, manage stock and planograms and improve the customers in-store shopping experience.

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